Walking East 003

The third iteration of Walking East will begin this Monday, August 12, 2013.

Passing-Between-Place – From Walking East 002

Walking East is a series of multi-day random walks that begin in downtown Vancouver, and head Eastwards according to the following rules, which I softly adhere to:

– Don’t use a map. When I don’t know which route is more East, choose randomly between possible routes.

– A route can be any linear trace created by human and/or non-human: road, sidewalk, deer trail, stream bank, ridgeline, gully.

– Buy and find food and water along the way, but do not stray from the random route for this purpose.
– End the walk when I miss a meal or become exceedingly uncomfortable for any reason.
Other work emerges from the walks, including schoolhousecreek – an ongoing series of intimate carvings that relate to a creek I encountered on Walking East 002. The carvings follow the instruction:
[Take a rock from the creek; Work with the rock; Return the rock to the creek and take another one.] Repeat.

None of my previous walks (or other walking projects) have failed through an inability to meet the rules I set out. Each time, it is the lack of contact with people who are meaningful to me that forces me to stop the project. For this reason, I encourage you to contact me by text message at any time, starting 10 am on Monday, August 12, 2013.


I will do my best to answer you, and I will certainly appreciate your messages.


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